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vt102 is a vt100/102/131 hardware simulator, implementing practical and 100% compatible DEC VT terminal "emulation".


Most terminal emulators nowadays strive to emulate a DEC VT102 terminal (even those claiming to emulate a VT100 usually mean VT102). Unfortunately, even though there are some VT100 simulators, there haven't been any DEC VT102 ones, so it was very hard to test compatibility with the real device. Thanks to this simulator, one can now test how the "real" VT102 behaves, and as free extra, it also simulates DEC VT100 and DEC VT131 terminals. ROMs are included - a standard Perl 5.10+ installation, the stty utility and the IO::Pty module are required to run the script, and rxvt-unicode, xterm or a similar terminal emulation is required to have display/keyboard support.


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