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Root-tail displays log files in the screen background - basically a graphical tail -f.


Root-tail displays log files in the X root window or another window. It can use different colours for different files, match log entries by regular expressions and more.

Some history about this fork: some time before the Cebit00, I got my hands on a program named root-tail. Its purpose is to display logfiles in different colours on your root-window. That is, it works just like tail -f.

Unfortunately, root-tail was thoroughly broken, so I fixed it and contacted its author. I never received a reply, so I decided to publish my modified version of root-tail here.


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CVSAnonymous CVS:  cvs -z3 -d co root-tail
IRCServer, channel #schmorpforge, user schmorp (say hi and wait a few minutes or hours, or /msg schmorp directly))

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