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This perl module provides an API for group communications using the protocol. It is outdated and only provided as reference.


This module implements the chat protocol. Since it was created the protocol changed in unknown ways, so this module no longer works. It is provided as reference, though, in case the protocol didn't change much, so one can learn about the protocol. It could be used to write Knuddels clients, bots and even servers (although the latter doesn't make much sense, the protocol is rather ugly. If you want to implement your own group communication server, use IRC instead).


CVSBrowsable CVS module 'Net-Knuddels'
CVSAnonymous CVS:  cvs -z3 -d co Net-Knuddels
IRCServer, channel #schmorpforge, user schmorp (say hi and wait a few minutes or hours, or /msg schmorp directly))

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